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Jacobo de Uña-Álvarez

Full Professor – Department of Statistics and OR , SiDOR Research Group & CINBIO, University of Vigo

Address: Facultad de CC. Económicas y Empresariales, Campus Lagoas-Marcosende, 36310 Vigo, Spain

Phone: (+34) 986812492 Fax: (+34) 986812401 E-mail:




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·         Meetings I have organized: MSM2014 ; MESTICE2012 ; Statistics in Sports 2010 ; Quantitative Methods in Oceanography 2009 ; ISNI2008 ; SMSM2005

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$ research & papers $


Research interests: bioinformatics, biostatistics, censored and truncated data, econometrics, goodness-of-fit tests, multi-state models, nonparametric curve estimation, resampling methods, survival analysis


Selected presentations:


Nonparametric estimation of transition probabilities in the non-Markov illness-death model: a comparative study”, Pisa, December 7 2014


 “Generalized copula-graphic estimator with left-truncated and right-censored data”, Cádiz, June 13 2014  PDF


“Advances in survival data: parametric vs nonparametric truncation”, Liege, October 25 2012  PDF


“Generalized copula-graphic estimator”, Vigo, March 21 2012  PDF and Porto, September 28 2012  PDF


“Nonparametric and semiparametric estimation of a distribution function under random double truncation”, Freiburg, January 18 2012  PDF and Porto, March 23 2012  PDF


Semiparametric kernel density estimation with doubly truncated data”, London, December 18 2011 PDF


“Kernel density estimation with doubly truncated data”, New York, June 27 2011 PDF


“On the statistical properties of SGoF multitesting method”, Copenhagen, June 15 2011 PDF


“Testing markovianity in the three-state progressive models via future-past association”, Rome, June 7 2011 PDF



Selected papers:


“Generalized copula-graphic estimator” (joint with N. Veraverbeke), Test 22, 343-360 (2013). PDF

“Estimation of a monotone percentile residual life function under random censorship” (joint with A. Franco-Pereira), Biometrical Journal 55, 52-67 (2013). PDF

 “Power, FDR and conservativeness of BB-SGoF method” (joint with I. Castro-Conde), Computational Statistics, in press PDF BB-SGoF.Web

“Kernel density estimation with doubly truncated data” (joint with C. Moreira), Electronic Journal of Statistics 6, 501-521 (2012). PDF

“Nonparametric regression with doubly truncated data” (joint with C. Moreira and L. Meira-Machado), submitted. PDF

“A nonparametric test for markovianity in the illness-death model” (joint with M. Rodríguez-Girondo), Statistics in Medicine 31, 4416-4427 (2012). PDF

“Studying the bandwidth in k-sample smooth tests” (joint with P. Martínez-Camblor), Computational Statistics 28, 875-892 (2013). PDF

Presmoothing the transition probabilities in the illness-death model” (joint with A.P. Amorim and L. Meira-Machado), Statistics & Probability Letters 81, 797-806 (2011). PDF

Presmoothing the Aalen-Johansen estimator in the illness-death model” (joint with A. Moreira and L. Meira-Machado), Electronic Journal of Statistics 7, 1491-1516 (2013). PDF

 “Asymptotic properties of conditional distribution function estimator with truncated, censored and dependent data” (joint with H.-Y. Liang and M.C. Iglesias-Pérez), Test 21, 790-810 (2012). PDF



DTDA: Statistical analysis of doubly truncated data [Paper published in Journal of Statistical Software here]

SGoF: Multiple hypothesis testing [Paper published in The R Journal here]


Ph.D. advisorship:

"Multi-State Models for Biomedical Research: New Contributions in Statistical Modelling, Software Development, and Applications", Luis F. Meira-Machado (co-supervisor: Carmen Cadarso-Suárez), December 2005

“The Statistical Analysis of Doubly Truncated Data: New Methods, Software Development, and Biomedical Applications”, Carla Moreira, July 2010

Semiparametric estimation in the non-Markov three-state and illness-death progressive models”, Ana Paula Amorim, February 2012

“Contributions to Survival Analysis with Applications to Biomedicine”, Mar Rodríguez-Girondo, June 2013

“New Contributions in the Missing Censoring-Indicator Model”, Jorge Mendonça, October 2014

“Advances in Multiple Hypothesis Testing: the Sequential Goodness-of-Fit Procedure Revisited and Expanded”, Irene Castro-Conde, December 2014

Current Ph. D. students: Leyla Azarang (survival analysis)



Full publications list

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$ teaching activity & materials $


Teaching activity (course 2014-2015):


·       “Course on Survival Analysis”, “Course on Stochastic Processes” (Statistics Master Program)

·       “Course on Experimental Design and Data Analysis” (Aquiculture Master Program)

·         “Course on Statistical and Mathematical Methods in Bioinformatics” (Master in Biological Sciences)

·         “Course on Industrial Statistics Applied to Engineering” (Master in Industrial Engineering)

·       “Statistical applications for experimental and technical design and data analysis” (Doctorado Do*Mar)


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