Jacobo de Uña-Álvarez

Full Professor – Department of Statistics and OR , SiDOR Research Group & CINBIO, University of Vigo


Researcher at the Technological Institute for Industrial Mathematics

Address: Facultad de CC. Económicas y Empresariales, Campus Lagoas-Marcosende, 36310 Vigo, Spain

Phone: (+34) 986812492 (Stats and OR), (+34) 986130149 (CINBIO)  E-mail:





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·         Conferences I have organized: ISNI2008 ;  ISCB2017

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$ research & papers $


Research interests: nonparametric curve estimation, survival analysis and multi-state models, goodness-of-fit tests, multiple comparison procedures


Selected papers:

Full publications list



DTDA: Statistical analysis of doubly truncated data [Paper published in Journal of Statistical Software]

SGoF: Multiple hypothesis testing [Paper published in The R Journal]

TP.idm: Transition probabilities for the illness-death model [Paper published in Journal of Statistical Software]


Ph.D. advisorship:

"Multi-State Models for Biomedical Research: New Contributions in Statistical Modelling, Software Development, and Applications", Luis F. Meira-Machado (co-supervisor: Carmen Cadarso-Suárez), December 2005

“The Statistical Analysis of Doubly Truncated Data: New Methods, Software Development, and Biomedical Applications”, Carla Moreira, July 2010

Semiparametric estimation in the non-Markov three-state and illness-death progressive models”, Ana Paula Amorim, February 2012

“Contributions to Survival Analysis with Applications to Biomedicine”, Mar Rodríguez-Girondo, June 2013

“New Contributions in the Missing Censoring-Indicator Model”, Jorge Mendonça, October 2014

Advances in Multiple Hypothesis Testing: the Sequential Goodness-of-Fit Procedure Revisited and Expanded”, Irene Castro-Conde, December 2014

“Contributions to Nonparametric Estimation of Survival Curves in Non-Markov Multi-State Models”, Leyla Azarang, October 2016

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Current Ph. D. students: Marta Cousido-Rocha (goodness-of-fit tests, multiple comparisons), Norman Jiménez-Otero (testing problems in next-generation DNA sequencing)


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$ teaching activity & materials $


Teaching activity (course 2017-2018):


·       “Course on Survival Analysis” (Statistics Master Program)

·       “Course on Experimental Design and Data Analysis” (Aquiculture Master Program)

·         “Course on Industrial Statistics Applied to Engineering” (Master in Industrial Engineering)

·       “Statistical applications for experimental and technical design and data analysis” (Doctorado Do*Mar)


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Updated: February 2018